Photos from 2021

Elektra keels epoxed in January by boat yard because lockdown stopped me working on boat
February getting some jobs done before sailing season
Late March, boatyard getting Elektra ready for launch
Some sailing in April but very cold!
May had come and gone with almost no sailing due to east wing until this SSOA Rally in Fowey
June I was very busy with work but had Flexiteak fitted in cockpit, At end of month we motored to Scilly
July, after motoring to Scilly due to little wind, then followed a gale for 24hrs with rain for 36hrs. I am glad to say the weather came good in the end, then we had to head for the mainland before the next blow!
There was some good local sailing in August
September in the Precuil River, this summer had slipped by with either too much or too little wind
More good sailing in October brought our season to a close
Out of the water again in November
Looking for parts on Internet to fit solid larger water tank, instead of leaking pillow tank in December.

3 thoughts on “Photos from 2021

  1. Like photos got sadler26 took bag water tank out and fitted 70litre plastic ridged under cockpit can go in through cock pit locker


    1. I picked up a second hand bespoke solid plastic water tank, came out of a S29 which has sailed across the Atlantic by PO, the last owner had removed because they only had a hand pump and didn’t use much water….. We got hot and cold pressured water and are going to fit a cockpit shower.


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