Starting on this winter’s work

Elektra had almost been untouched since laying her up on her winter mooring last October because of the wet and windy weather. With the season just around the corner it was time to start. First just was to clean as much of the green off her top sides and scrub the mud off her bottom.Continue reading “Starting on this winter’s work”

End of season summing up for 2019

River Avon, South Devon. The sailing was mixed in 2019, Elektra was ready to go back on her mooring by the 3rd week of March. Our mooring is only available from the beginning April to end of October. With the beginning of April came strong east wind (our summer mooring is open to east wind),Continue reading “End of season summing up for 2019”

Gillan to Carne Winter Mooring

26th October The end of the season has arrived, with strong east wind forecasted for next week it was time to move Elektra onto her winter mooring. In the morning I took the anchors and the mooring lines down to Carne Creek to set up for later using thigh waders. We have two 15kg BruceContinue reading “Gillan to Carne Winter Mooring”

Precuil River to Gillan after the easterly gale

Saturday 21st September The gale hand picked up though Thursday night and where we were anchored although sheltered the wind was dumping into the river and Elektra was acting like a snake swinging all over the place which gave me a sleepless night. On Friday I went by dinghy over to the sailing club andContinue reading “Precuil River to Gillan after the easterly gale”

Fowey to Precuil River before the gale

Thursday 19th September With east wind on Wednesday and Thursday with a easterly gale forecasted for Friday it was time to head back to the Falmouth area. The forecast for today was easterly 4 increasing 5 in afternoon and 6 in evening. The tide stream wasn’t with us until 1215hrs but I didn’t want toContinue reading “Fowey to Precuil River before the gale”