Cawsands to Salcombe via River Avon

Monday 1st June A place we had always liked the sound of but not visited because our last yacht had a fin keel was the River Avon in Bigbury Bay. Its a sandy drying river with fast flowing tides, we wanted to try getting in there this holiday. The pilot book suggests anchoring off atContinue reading “Cawsands to Salcombe via River Avon”

Restronguet Creek to Gillan

After staying put on Sunday because we didn’t want to punch back to windward in the forecasted southwest force 6 gusting 7. Our planned time to leave was 1400hrs just 1.25hrs after low water, as it happened we were grounded at low water. motoring out from Restronguet Creek was very shallow with only 0.5m underContinue reading “Restronguet Creek to Gillan”

Which way is the is the wind blowing now?

Sunday 9th June There was no hurry to get back to Gillan as the tide wasn’t going to be high enough to get in until 1900hrs, just as well after a busy week at work we both slept in until 1030hrs! Its only when aboard I can truly relax, if we stay home there is always workContinue reading “Which way is the is the wind blowing now?”