Hottest July since records began

Ever since getting back from our holiday at the end of June (you remember wet and windy) here in Cornwall there has almost been no rain and hot with it. The scaremongering in the media of global warming has intensified in reasent weeks. What the media fails to report is this weather only started atContinue reading “Hottest July since records began”

Another holiday or a long weekend?

I came home on Monday evening and said to Vicki “we could have another holiday” Vicki said “what do you mean” I said “there hasn’t been any rain since our holiday and the grass has slowed right up” “I can go from Wednesday 13th July” Vicki said “I have work to do on Wednesday” IContinue reading “Another holiday or a long weekend?”

Well, summer has now come!

The week following our holiday was lovely, hot and dry! As Friday is “POETS” day “Push Of Early Tomorrows Saturday” we were aboard mid afternoon and cast of at 1840hrs sailing on just the genoa as I was being very lazy! We had a good line for St Anthony lighthouse and started the engine insteadContinue reading “Well, summer has now come!”

And so the sailing season has begun

After the Sadler Rally the weekend before, it was our turn to go and have a normal weekend of sailing, R&R, then more sailing. We find we don’t have to go far to enjoy Elektra. The Falmouth area isĀ  full of places to go in all sorts of weather. One of our favourite anchorages isContinue reading “And so the sailing season has begun”