Back to Carne Creek

Sunday 29th August

With the HW being 1010hrs and the need to put Elektra back on her gale proof mooring due to forecasted strong easterly winds in the weed.

We picked up Elektra’s anchor at 0810hrs and motored out to St Mawes, there l set all het sail to cross Falmouth Bay, was very good sailing.

Crossing Falmouth Bay

We arrived at Gillan early and motored Elektra into Carne Creek slowly picking up her gale proof mooring at 0930hrs, not in any hurry we then had brunch before washing up and leaving her around 1330hrs as the tide was falling away.

Sailing friends

Thursday 26th August

With news of a sailing friend anchored in the Precuil River we planed to meet up. We needed to move Elektra out of Carne Creek on the high water of Thursday evening, we were going to anchor of Flushing Cove but in the end decided to go on her seasonal mooring because of the easterly swell.

Our seasonal mooring is open to the full length of the English Channel from the East

Friday 27th August

The forecast was NE3-4 but I awoke to thick fog no wind and a slight easterly swell. The fog cleared slowly and the wind filled in, we decided to sail first and eat later. We dropped the mooring at 0930hrs, set all the sail our first tack took us north to August Rock before tacking SE out into Falmouth Bay. Other yachts were all motoring into wind. Out in the bay having sailed 3.5nm we tacked again, this tack was good all the way into St Mawes. We dropped anchor in the Precuil River at 1130hrs having logged 9nm.

It seems we are always in the Precuil River but we love being here.
Chats with Kevin on his yacht
And then more chatting on ours

Precuil River to Carne Creek

Sunday 22nd August

There was no hurry to get back, the forecast for the coming week was easterly so we needed to moor Elektra on her gale proof mooring in Carne Creek, we need the a tide height of over 4m to get her in and out of there. The tide would be high enough by 1630hrs. Another brunch and washing up followed by a few hours reading in the cockpit.

We lifted Elektra’s anchor at 1500hrs and motored out of the river. setting all sail in St Mawes Harbour at 1515hrs, it was a fast sail and we picked up Elektra’s gale proof mooring at 1635hrs having logged 7nm.

Carne Creek


Friday 20th August

After a few weekends used up to get mums house ready to sell, it looked like we would be able to get away for 2 nights but first I had to repair a riffal in mums shed roof. The house had been put on the market the weekend before and already someone had viewed, they turned up for a 2nd viewing when I was still there!

Roof repaired we managed to drop Elektra’s mooring at 1445hrs and head downwind to the Precuil River, after a 1.5hr passage we dropped anchor in the river alone with no other boats, with rain forecasted for Saturday we put up the cockpit encloser. I promply fell fast asleep in the cockpit. Then followed our normal evening of Scrabble and a bottle of red, cheese and crackers.

The Precuil River

Saturday 21st August

After sleeping in and brunch we were sitting in the cockpit reading when a yacht motored closely by, the skipper shouted over “we are going to start a race here and you are anchored on the start line” “I suggest you move” he said. Me and Vicki looked at each other. I might have moved if he had been nicer but then it stated raining, I said to Vicki “I am not moving now” So we stayed, the rain came down heavy, yacths and dinghies started milling around for the start. It was interesting watching, a few close calls but no bumps and after 2-3hrs they were gone and we had the anchorage to ourselves again.

Sail home before the blow

Saturday 14th August

After a lovely quiet night at anchor, we would have to leave before the tide dropped to low. Lots of other yachts had arrived during the evening before and the morning as this would be a great anchorage for the coming blow on Sunday.

With just 1m under the keel we lifted our anchor and headed out into St Mawes Harbour to set sail. The wind seemed fairly strong so l reefed the main and genoa, our first port tack took us across just south of Pendennis Point and on into Maenporth before we tacked and headed out SSE into Falmouth Bay. The sailing was good after all the motoring we had done this summer we were glad and enjoying it. Leaving the next tack late as local knowledge tells us SW wind turns into W wind off the Helford River. Having tacked late we could ease the sails a little and speed up quite a lot! We sailed into Gillan and picked up our mooring just 1.25hrs later having logged 8nm.

Weekend away

Friday 13th August

Having had to work on mum’s house getting it ready to sell. It was late on Friday before we could get away.

Dropped the mooring at 1445hrs we were sailing away down wind we had only set the genoa but we covered the 6nm in 1.5hrs. We dropped anchor in Place Manor where we would dry out overnight. Far enough to get away but not to far for a hard bash back to windward to get home.

Looking at the forecast, the wind was due to get up on Sunday from the Southwest so we planned to go back Saturday.

Channels Creek to Gillan

Sunday August 1st

There wasn’t any any hurry to get back but we needed to get off Elektra before 1600hrs because of the falling tide.

After a lazy cooked brunch and washing up, I pulled the anchor back aboard at 1350hrs. Setting just the genoa again, there seemed a little bit more wind today. The forecast was only NW4 but the passage was fast back to Gillan, we sailed right in and onto the mooring , picking it up at 1525hrs having logged 9nm.

We didn’t waist any time getting ashore.

Sailing at last!

The weather looked good for the weekend but I had some work to do for Mum on Friday.

Saturday July 31st

With the high tide being just before 11am, there wasn’t any hurry to leave and we went aboard about 1030hrs, stowed the gear and stores and got Elektra ready to leave.

We cast off at 1205hrs and set just the genoa, the forcast being W4-5, we soon realised more sail would have been better. But with the wind being more like SW4, we thought the mainsail would take the genoas wind so just continued as we were. We sailed NNE across Falmouth Bay and north up the Carrick Roads and dropped anchor in Channels Creek at 1420hrs having logged 9nm.

Looking like rain we quickly put up the cockpit encloser and settled down with a hot drink, it wasn’t long before I was fast asleep! Being aboard helps me relax and sleep seems so easy.

Heat wave

Friday 16th July

Early in the morning l went up to our local garage for diesel to refill Elektra’s tank after we motored to and from Scilly. On my return l also filled 2 25lts cans of water and set off down to Elektra to fill her tanks.

On my return from Elektra around 1030hrs l showered, changed and went off to get a takeaway.

Around midday we were ready, we needed to leave St Anthony beach before 1400hrs. Out at Elektra again the temperature was rising, we stowed the gear and stores and then sat in the cockpit eating the takeaway looking out at Falmouth Bay like a mill pond. It looked like we would have to motor and after motoring to and from Scilly we didn’t fancy it. So we stayed on the mooring and enjoyed the surroundings. In the evening we motored into Flushing Cove for a quieter night

As it turned out, not as quite as expected partly due to visitors moving around in RIBs at 2330hrs and also around low water 0600hrs the next morning Elektra bounced around on the bottom in the slight east swells.

On Saturday at high water we motored Elektra up into Carne Creek and onto her gale proof mooring and a better night. There is a forecast of strong east winds from Wednesday and l would be too busy at work to move her then. Before the tide started going out we went via dinghy out to the cove just west of Nare Point exploring and a little more around the Dennis Head, before enjoying an ice cream from Sailaway on our way back. Elektra was already aground when we arrived back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, evening.

In some ways Carne Creek is a lovely quiet spot to get away from the madding crowd, to ourselves when the tide is out (6hrs) and interesting as the tide floods back which brings the paddle boarders, kayakers and odd small boat. Here it is tranquil at low water watching the wadding birds and away from the visitors RIBS wash in Gillan Harbour.

On Sunday we enjoyed the weather some more until 1500hrs when we had to leave Elektra on the falling tide. Elektra had been more caravan like this weekend than ever before but boats and yachts are about enjoyment and we had!

Chance of more time aboard

Saturday 10th July

Having come back from Scilly last Friday and then worked 7 days to catch up with my jobs, l felt it was time to get back aboard. The HW tide time was early but l had stuff to pick up at 1000hrs, by the time we got to St Anthony the water was going fast, we loaded the dinghy, Vicki walked down to the point and l rowed the dinghy out to her in about 18ins of water.

I picked up Vicki at the point where it was deep enough to use the outboard and we motored out to Elektra. Vicki climbed aboard and l passed up the stores and kit. Vicki opened the cabin and stowed everything while l lifted the outboard onto the rail and got the dinghy onto her davits. I set about getting Elektra ready to leave.

I dropped the mooring and Vicki motored Elektra out of Gillan, l set all the sail and we spe├ád off at 2kts! I would have continued to sail if it hadn’t started to rain with the GPS telling us it was going to take 1.5hours to cross the 3nm of Falmouth Bay. So on went the engine and we motored again.

Arriving in the Precuil River at 1300hrs having logged 6.5nm, dropped anchor and put up the cockpit enclosure before sitting down to have lunch.

After lunch l went to sleep, must have for 4hrs or so because it was nearing HW when I awoke.

An evening playing scrabble followed listening to music and a good 10hrs of night time sleep. I always sleep well aboard.

In the morning it was tipping down with rain, then followed a lazy day of reading and catching up with Facebook on Sunday with the rain continuing into another game on Scrabble and music in the evening to avoid the football.

On Monday we awoke to blue skies and sunshine, after brunch l rowed the dinghy to the shore and tipped out the rainwater, arrived back l refitted the outboard and we headed off to St Mawes for a few bits of shopping and a ice cream. It was only as we were heading into the beach at St Mawes when Vicki said she had left the Covid masks on Elektra! Another pack of masks and some shopping and a short walk for ice creams. We sat on the steps watching the goings on in the harbour eating ice cream until we were ready to leave.

Back at Elektra, we had a few chores to do before we could enjoy the weather. It clouded up a bit in the afternoon but we could still enjoy the kids learning to sail from the local sailing school. With work on Wednesday planned for this was our last day for just enjoying being aboard, we needed to sail home tomorrow.

On Tuesday there wasn’t any hurry to get back so after a lazy cooked brunch we weighted at 1300hrs. We were unsure how much sail we needed so motored Elektra down to St Mawes. We decided full main would be OK so set full sail and turned for Gillan, in the NW force 4 we were soon logging 6.7-6.9kts SOG. It was a great sail but over so quickly, we sailed right on to Elektra’s swing mooring. We did the 6.5nm in 1.25hrs.

Fast passage home