Winter work, slowly moving forward

WP_20190221_15_17_11_ProWith all the dry weather in February I have managed to get quite a few jobs done.

The deadline is moving closer, we need a tide of over 5 metres to move Elektra from her winter mooring down the creek towards the sea but her seasonal mooring will not be available until 1st of April. The first tide in April big enough isn’t until the 18th  so we have decided to move Elektra down the creek to a safe anchorage between the 20-25th of March, this will allow as to go sailing over the first weekend in April to make the most of the sailing season.

I have polished the freeboard and painted her boot top line, washed and treated all her running rigging. I had a quote from the riggers to replace the coax and antenna, I was taken back at over £700 so one nice day Vicki and I did the job ourselves in about 3hrs with the aid of a “Deffee Yacht Mast Ladder” I owned. Vicki is replacing the zip in our old spray hood for use until the new spray hood and cockpit encloser is finished during the season.





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