Gillan to Channel Creek

Friday 6th September

Having not done much sailing in August we jumped at a chance to get away once more. Fridays forecast was for westerly force 5-6 with the wind easing over the weekend.

Having had a good week at work I didn’t have to work on Friday so we had a lazy start leaving St Anthony in our punt at around high tide, we then left our mooring at 1130hrs, not bothering to start the engine and just setting the genoa, slow at first but once out of the shelter of the Dennis Head we were off across Helford River at up to 8kts. The wind eased again crossing under Rosemullion Head but picked up again crossing Falmouth Bay (see video).

This video doesn’t exist

We did the first 4.5nm in 3/4hr, then thing slowed as we sailed against the tide steam north up Carrick Roads, in hind sight we would have been better off with the mainsail as will in the Carrick Roads but I was thinking any time now it will blow harder! We sailed on into Channels Creek and dropped anchor while still under sail having logged 9nm in 2hrs.

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