End of season summing up for 2019


River Avon, South Devon.

The sailing was mixed in 2019, Elektra was ready to go back on her mooring by the 3rd week of March. Our mooring is only available from the beginning April to end of October. With the beginning of April came strong east wind (our summer mooring is open to east wind), this stopped us going out for most of the month. The sailing was good in May and June, then came July, nice weather but and almost no wind. August was a wet and windy month and we couldn’t get out but September came good again and October was a wash out!

We sailed to Fowey for the SSOA Rally at the end of May, great rally with 18 yachts getting there. Then came the time when we looked for the weather to get out to Scilly but no joy this season, the weather was never right when we had the time to go! In the end we went east instead after a easterly gale had blown out at the beginning of July, we sailed to Salcombe via Fowey and Cawsands over three days. Returning to Gillan via the River Avon in South Devon, Yealm River and Fowey. Two weeks later we had another week aboard but we only stayed local Falmouth area due to very little wind.

With the weather this season the cockpit encloser ordered in Nov 18 hasn’t got finished, the stainless work was done be the end of July but the weather in August stopped the guy from taking the template of it, we are hoping it will be finished for spring 2020.

The numbers are, we had 59 days aboard of which we sailed for 39 of them, logging only 491nm. 42 nights aboard and 32 of them at anchor.

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