Elektra moved

I had arranged with the local boat yard to have Elektra pulled out to allow her to be re-engined, her old Bukh DV20 seemed to be still running well but was over 36 years, time for a change.

The tide was a problem, not really high enough to float Elektra and get her down the channel to the boat yard just 1/2 mile away. I had hoped to float her on the evening of 24th February but she didn’t float at high water, which meant getting out early before light on the 25th which worked and I was able to pull her into deeper water ready for her move to St Anthony the following morning.

Carne creek

I had arranged with Vicki to help, high water was 0650hrs and we were down to Elektra in good time but getting into the punt l knocked the value with my foot and the dinghy started to deflate, quickly back to shore and pull the dinghy out. I then had to drive home for the pump! On my return with the pump the tide was now on the turn, so no time was wasted getting aboard.

Lines were cast off and we pulled Elektra via her port stern line into the channel before engaging the engine drive. Slowly we motor down the creek with as little as 0.5m under the keel but all was ok and we picked up a mooring off St Anthony about 20mins later. The boat yard guys were already getting ready to get Elektra out as Vicki and l paddled the dinghy in, l pulled the dinghy on to the shore, left Vicki there and walked back for my pickup. Then a short drive to St Anthony for Vicki and then home again for breakfast

At St Anthony
Ready to pull out

After breakfast it was time to head back to see how they had got on, they had pulled her out enough so she couldn’t float away and let the tide go out before roping her to the trailer and pulling her out the rest of the way

Ready for last pull
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