Getting ready to sail

From the 10th of March I got busy at work and by the time I could not get back to work on Elektra again until the social distancing for the Coronavirus was in full swing. With Elektra isolated on a mooring away from other boats and owners I continued with her work hoping to get Elektra ready to sail by the 4-5th April. Then came the lockdown but it still seemed walking was allowed as long as the social distancing rules were followed so I continued working to get here ready.

The talk on facebook and the like was not to go sailing and the RYA was also advicing against. Elektra was coming on but still wasnt ready to sail by the end of March.

Because of the cost of owning a yacht and paying out the adverage yearly costs of £2,500 for moorings ect (not forgetting I need to turnover twice this amount) I always want to use Elektra as much as possible avoiding the bad weather and I was beginning to think we wouldnt be allowed to.

Elektra in the season is on a swing mooring which we access via a punt from a beach and the beach is only a drive of 2 miles from home. When sailing we normally sail to a nice spot and anchor away from others for a night without going ashore, my feeling was how was this not social distancing.

Then came the final blow when the boatyard contacted me and asked for me to remove my punt leaving me with no way of getting out to Elektra if the tide was in.

It looks like Elektra will be staying put until the lockdown is lifted.

With the need to get out to check Elektra’s mooring from time to time and some jobs still to do, I pumped up another dinghy I owned and took it down to the creek, launched off the side of the road and rowed it the length of the creek. I must say it was nice to row down the creek as part of my exercise, once I had checked Elektra I rowed ashore to a isotated beach and turned dinghy over above thre tide mark and made the painter off to a tree. Then a nice long walk along the side of a wooded creek back home, we are so lucky to have this area on our doorstep.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready to sail

  1. Hi Bruce, both Tim and I have been advised by our sailing clubs that there will be no lift-in for the foreseeable future. I contacted my insurance to let them know and did a quick trip to the boat yesterday to remove a few bits I had put on board ready for the crane next weekend. I even removed all the food . Stay safe. Ian


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