New Cockpit Encloser

Back at the end of the 2018 season we decided to get some quotes for a cockpit encloser, to say the quotes varried would not be telling the whole story, the cheapest was less than half the cost of the dearest. In fact the deposit for the dearest was more than the total cost of the cheapest quote!

In November I ordered the new encloser from Neal at Kernow Covers after getting lots of remcomendations of Neal’s work. In April 19 Neal took the template for the new sprayhood and fitted it in May (I asked Neal to remove until the encloser was finshed) but there was a problem with a brace bar for the radar pole being in the way and it took a while to got this moved, it was August before I did get the bar moved. Neal needed a calm dry day to take the template for the encloser but by mid September the winter rain started and continued until March. By which time the Colvid lockdown started so it was the 10th of June 20 before Neal got to take the template.

On Monday 20 June Neal of Kernow covers came to Elektra and fitted her new encloser, we are very pleased with the end product, well worth the wait.

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