Time to head back

Monday 10th August

It was time to head back, the forecast was for NNW force 4 today but dropping very little wind on Tuesday. The tide wasnt with us until 1330hrs so there was no hurry to get going so after a lazy brunch we lifted our anchor at 1310hrs and motored out of the cove, set all the sail and goose winged our way south across Mevagissey Bay until the wind died away off Chaple Point and I started the engine again. We motored from there and around the Dodman Pt before the wind filled in again and we could sail.

It was another lovely sail from the Dodman to Gillan coving the 14nm in 3hrs and the total passage of 19.5nm in 4hrs again.

Once back in Gillan we decided to anchor closer the creek for the night to save rolling on our mooring. It being low water we finally dropped anchor with the sounder saying 0 under the keel.

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