Back to Gillan before the bad weather

Monday 28th September

After a restful weekend away the plan had been to stay until Tuesday but we ran out of water so decided to go back Monday instead.

It looked like we were going to have to beat back into a southwesterly, having motored down the Precuil River our first tack took us over to Pendennis point, next tack out into Falmouth Bay before tacking back towards Swanpool. It was great sailing but then it started to rain and the fog decended! With not being able to see vary far I didnt want to sail back out into Falmouth Bay so decided to start the engine and motor south to Rosemullion Head and on across Helford River using the chart plotter. We got into Gillan 2hrs after leaving the Precuil River having logged 9nm.

A few days later our boat yard phoned and suggested we move Elektra into Carne Creek because of the forecasted strong northeasterly. This we did and there ended our sailing season with gales over the next 2 weeks followed by a weekend where Elektra was neaped (not enough water to float her). Then by the next weekend I had done my back in at work, which only left one weekend which with gales before the end of October, so our season was over.

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