Fowey to Carne Creek

Fowey rally
17 yachts to the rally

After a great day on Saturday with the rally, bar-b-que and live music in the evening. New friends had been made by members including us.

Sunday 30th May

On Sunday the forecast was redued from easterly force 4 gusting 6 to easterly force 4 gusting 5. Lots of Sadler’s left early to head back to Plymouth area, the tide wasn’t going our way until 1230hrs but we needed a tide hight of 4m to get Elektra into Carne Creek and on to her gale proof mooring since we were heading for a lea shore with strong easterlies forecasted for the coming week. So we delayed our departue until 1430hrs as the tide would only be over 4m after 1900hrs.

Vicki motored Elektra out of Fowey while I stowed the fenders and lines, once out of the entrance I set just the genoa as this sail is 3/4 of her sail area and her power. To start with we sailed off at about 5kts but then after Cannis the wind died away and we had to motor, then a few miles short of Yaw buoy the wind picked up again. It was a nasty 3/4 following sea of 3-4ft and the wind started to pick up as we reached the Dodman Point, now doing over 7kts SOG. Once past the Dodman the wind seemed to pick up a bit more and the sea with it to 4-5ft, Vicki dosen’t like this sort of sea so I stayed on the helm for the whole passage. We had a few near broch’s and in the end a real one but all was well with no damage I got Elektra back in line. Off the Roseland just before we started to cross Falmouth Bay the wind died away so we had to motor, the swell was just as big but the white horses were gone. After a uncomfortable passage across Falmouth Bay we motored into Gillan Harbour at 1900hrs having logged 24nm.

Motoring on into the setting sun made my visional hights for going into Carne Creek dificult to see, I had a feeling we were still early because of the fast passage and high pressure but with an incoming tide we gingerly motored on in keeping to the channel. Then turning out of the channel towards the mooring Elektra went aground about 20ft short. 10-15mins later we motored onto the the mooring. Being late back we stayed aboard that night. The GPS showed max speed was 8.6kts. But I like to look at the adverage, 24nm in 4.5hrs is 5.33kts on just the genoa.

In Carne creek

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