Over worked

The next weekend we had planed to go and see our family but with three days of rain in the week and loads more work in a new garden, I had to stay home. Vicki went by herself leaving me to working on until late Saturday evening.

On Sunday I went out to Elektra at 0800hrs to remove the old teak slats, possibly the most uncomfortble seats I have ever sat on! These had been on my to do list ever since buying Elektra in 2016. We had set our minds on new “Flexiteek” panals when funds would allow, back in May I had finaly ordered them and the fitting had been arranged for the 17th June. I thought I would be able to finish before the tide went out at 1200hrs but it wasn’t to be and it was 1400hrs when I left Elektra to come back ashore. With the tide being out I had to lower the punts wheels and pull from the LW mark back up the beach, I must be getting old as I had to rest twice!

On the Wedensday evening after work Vicki and I bought Elektra into St Anthony beach ready for the fitter to fit the Flexiteek the following afternoon.

Still with loads of work on, I never met Lee the fitter only text info to each other, Lee had come down from the factory in Wincherster to fit panals on three yachts in the area. In the evening just before the tide came in again I went to have a look at the finished job. I was very pleased.

On Friday at HW Vicki and I moved Elektra back to her swing mooring, the flexiteek needs 24hrs for the glue to set properly and the advice is to keep off it for three days, this left us unable to use her over the weekend. The advise was to place plywood on top to walk on for the three days.

We are now hoping next weekend we can go sailing again!

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