Friday 20th August

After a few weekends used up to get mums house ready to sell, it looked like we would be able to get away for 2 nights but first I had to repair a riffal in mums shed roof. The house had been put on the market the weekend before and already someone had viewed, they turned up for a 2nd viewing when I was still there!

Roof repaired we managed to drop Elektra’s mooring at 1445hrs and head downwind to the Precuil River, after a 1.5hr passage we dropped anchor in the river alone with no other boats, with rain forecasted for Saturday we put up the cockpit encloser. I promply fell fast asleep in the cockpit. Then followed our normal evening of Scrabble and a bottle of red, cheese and crackers.

The Precuil River

Saturday 21st August

After sleeping in and brunch we were sitting in the cockpit reading when a yacht motored closely by, the skipper shouted over “we are going to start a race here and you are anchored on the start line” “I suggest you move” he said. Me and Vicki looked at each other. I might have moved if he had been nicer but then it stated raining, I said to Vicki “I am not moving now” So we stayed, the rain came down heavy, yacths and dinghies started milling around for the start. It was interesting watching, a few close calls but no bumps and after 2-3hrs they were gone and we had the anchorage to ourselves again.

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