Sailing friends

Thursday 26th August

With news of a sailing friend anchored in the Precuil River we planed to meet up. We needed to move Elektra out of Carne Creek on the high water of Thursday evening, we were going to anchor of Flushing Cove but in the end decided to go on her seasonal mooring because of the easterly swell.

Our seasonal mooring is open to the full length of the English Channel from the East

Friday 27th August

The forecast was NE3-4 but I awoke to thick fog no wind and a slight easterly swell. The fog cleared slowly and the wind filled in, we decided to sail first and eat later. We dropped the mooring at 0930hrs, set all the sail our first tack took us north to August Rock before tacking SE out into Falmouth Bay. Other yachts were all motoring into wind. Out in the bay having sailed 3.5nm we tacked again, this tack was good all the way into St Mawes. We dropped anchor in the Precuil River at 1130hrs having logged 9nm.

It seems we are always in the Precuil River but we love being here.
Chats with Kevin on his yacht
And then more chatting on ours

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