Holiday time

Though the rest of Saturday and Sunday the weather was drab and drizzle so we stayed put and read mags and books sheltered in our cockpit enclosure.

Drab and drizzle
Glass like calm

On Monday 6th of September the sun came out and we awoke to a glass like calm. Enjoying a little more cockpit time in the morning before taking the dinghy down river to St Mawes for shopping from the co-op and a pub lunch in the “Rising Sun” our 3rd pub lunch since February 2020!

Precuil River

After lunch we had showers at St Mawes Sailing Club and returned to Elektra for a lazy afternoon.

On Tuesday 4th was the same good weather but the wind was forecasted to strong and gusting from the East. We planned to stay another day and then go sailing on Wednesday.

Gusting force 6 but shelter in the Precuil River

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