Another sail??

Saturday 25th September

After a drizzly start to the day, Vicki and I didn’t fancy going out for the weekend but I had a few things to pick up from Elektra so went out to her on my own after the weather had dried up in the afternoon.

There was almost no wind but I thought I would go out anyway, thinking it was about SE wind about 4-5kts I pulled up all the mainsail before dropping the mooring, motoring slowly out between The Dennis Head and Car Crock, I pulled out all the genoa and stopped the engine. Elektra was only making 2-2.5kts SOG but it was nice to sit back and enjoy being out on the water again. The wind seemed to get less the further out into Falmouth Bay we went until Elektra was only making 0.8-1kts at which point I rolled up the genoa and started the engine again and turned into wind to lower the mainsail before motoring slowly back to Gillan. I picked up the mooring again in Gillan after logging 3.5nm in 1.25hrs.

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