Last weekend of the season

Friday 15th October

Elektra had been in Carne Creek since I last sailed her, the tide was good for moving her out around 1430hrs, I had work to do in morning so we went out to Elektra around midday. she was already floating but showing 0 under her keel on the sounder. Vicki stowed the gear and stores while I got Elektra ready to move.

Carne Creek

Elektra’s gale proof mooring in Carne Creek is a fore and aft trot mooring so I attach both moorings together before dropping which makes it easier to moor to the next time we use.

When we were ready I dropped the mooring and Vicki motored Elektra slowly over to the channel with 0 still showing on the sounder, it’s nice when going into deeper water over the channel and the sounder shows 0.3m under the keel and deeper 0.5m as we head out towards the narrows. Going though the narrows and into Gillan Harbour the sounder shows 1.2-1.5m under the keel. We anchored Elektra of Flushing Cove with about 2m under her keel, we knew she would ground around low water with the 2.5m tidel range.

Flushing Cove

It was a lovely afternoon with no wind but we decided to put up Elektra’s cockpit encloser as we knew it would be colder later as the evening came in. I dont know why but I seem to be able relax aboard and fell fast asleep for 2hrs.

Elektra’s cockpit enclosure

In the evening we retired below and started the cabin heater for a cosy cabin.

One thought on “Last weekend of the season

  1. Hi
    Lovely looking Sadler. I’d be interested to know more about your cockpit enclosure. Did you get it made? Can you sail or motor with it up? Anything you would change about it?
    Many thanks


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