Well, summer has now come!

The week following our holiday was lovely, hot and dry! As Friday is “POETS” day “Push Of Early Tomorrows Saturday” we were aboard mid afternoon and cast of at 1840hrs sailing on just the genoa as I was being very lazy! We had a good line for St Anthony lighthouse and started the engine instead of tacking when we got there. Motoring from there into the Precuil River and anchoring at 2010hrs having logged 7nm.

There we stayed for the weekend soking up the sun, the bad weather of our holiday a distant memory! Shorts weather for the first time this summer.

The Precuil River anchorage

On Sunday we decided a proper sail was needed and after a lazy brunch. I lifted Elektra’s anchor at 1200hrs and Vicki motored her back out of the river. I set all the sail and stopped engine, there was a lumpy swell from the east, the wind about E force3-4, it was loverly weather for sailing, warm even on the sea, we were loving this sailing day, we headed south at about 4kts SOG and nearly to the Manacle Buoy we tacked and headed back toward the Nare Point in a NW direction, the speed slowed to about 2kts and we kept this up until the Nare when the wind seemed to die off altogether. So motored from there into Gillan having logged 10.5nm in 2.5hrs.

Sailing south towards the Manacles

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