Saturday 6th August

We would be heading due east to Plymouth area, the tide stream was with us heading east 0920-1520hrs, the forecast was of northerly force4 veering east force2-3 later, pressure was set to rise, more hot and dry expected.

Elektra anchored at Polgwyn Cove

It seemed an earlier start would be a good idea, l pulled up the anchor and Vicki motored Elektra out of Polgwyn Cove at 0930hrs. Once clear of the shelter I set all the sail and stopped engine, there didn’t seem much wind at all and it wasn’t long before we were motoring again! Around 1000hrs off Fowey the wind filled in a bit and we could sail east-northeasterly towards Udder Rock. After almost an hour of slow 3kts of sailing we started motoring again along the coast north of Udder Rock, passing Polperro and then Looe Island.

Sailing towards Rame Head

After Looe Island the wind filled in again a southeast force2-3 and we were sailing. This continued all the way to Rame Head which we passed at 1415hrs, the wind angel was a little better to Draystone way point which wr passed at 1445hrs but turning north into Plymouth, now running was very uncomfortable in the moderate swell, so l rolled the genoa and started motoring.

Now to find an anchorage, Cawsand which we had used before wasn’t looking a good option with the east winds so we headed for Jenny Cliff which we hadn’t ever used but had heard was good for east winds. Once there the wind seemed more like south-southwesterly so not sheltered. Then without stopping we motored over to Barn Pool west of Drake’s Island which we found very calm, there were a few yachts at anchor already. We hadn’t used Barn Pool before but new from friends of its problems, lots of discarded metal on bottom and steep shelving banks which go from 0-28meters of depth in the same sort of distance. So we took care to find a good spot before dropping anchor at 1600hrs having logged 29nm.

Anchored at Barn Pool, Plymouth other side of the water.

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