End of Holiday no 3

After a rest day on Saturday including sailing friends Robert and Mandy joining us for some drinks in the afternoon. This was the end of the really hot weather and we had been aboard enjoying the last 9 days of it.

On Sunday with work to look at on Monday we had to get back home, the forecast was giving verible force1-3 and we had decided to motor the 6nm back to Elektra’s mooring in Gillan, I pulled up the anchor 1150hrs and Vicki motored Elektra slowly out of the Precuil River, arriving in Gillan Harbour 1305hrs. We needed to do some washing up and we now had plenty of hot water. We couldn’t get ashore until 1600hrs but jobs and packing took up most of that time only leaving us a short while to sit and enjoy the surroundings before loading the dinghy and heading in. The outboard refused to start, so in the end I had to row.

We would have been back home about 1700hrs but driving out along the bottom St Anthony narrow road we came across a visitor who was unable to reverse her car having met 2 on coming cars and after 10mins of trying she had only managed one car lenght with about 50 yards more to go to a passing place, I got fed up waiting so reversed the pick-up 1/2 a mile back to St Anthony, turned and drove out the top road. Back home we unloaded and got ready to work for Monday.


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