Last sail for season

The weather was poor though October, one low following the next, finding any time to go sailing was difficult but I could see a possible day out and having sailed the last time in almost no wind I didn’t want that again.

So it was Wednesday 12th October when I went sailing next, The forecast was SW force 4-5. Being alone again I didn’t pull up the main just sailed on genoa alone. I decided to sail east round Nare Point and Southeast to Manacle Buoy then close on the wind South until I felt I wanted to turn around. This is what I did, following Elektra out of the Helford River about 1/4nm behind was another similar sized fin keel yacht under full sail. I hadn’t really looked at the tides but being springs the tide must have been running south at 2-3kts off the Manacles. I was seeing 7kts SOG most of the time, Elektra was going like a train!

I continued to sail south for another 2nm or so before going about. Then I could see the tide stream when heading north, even with Elektra was surfing down the waves her SOG had slowed to 3-5kts. It was a lovely sail, I picked up Elektra’s mooring 3hrs after dropping having logged 14nm. On the GPS the fastest speed was recorded as 7.8kts!

On the 16th of October I moved Elektra into her Carne Creek mooring as there was a easterly blow coming and there wouldn’t be enough depth to move her in there later in the week. The wind has continued to blow and we are now waiting for the boat yard to pull Elektra out for the winter.

Elektra in Carne Creek


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