Winter work

Elektra had come ashore at the end of October for easy access by marine trades for work needed. But getting trades to do anything had proved difficult.

Bespoke black water tank

I had been busy working in November and December but had allowed myself the whole of January to get on with jobs aboard, first on the list was fit a bespoke black water tank which had been made in 2021. I would never have beleaved it would take so long to fit! But like all boats access proved difficult and some other jobs were added to the list. Our shower mixer tap had been broken since we owned Elektra, we hadn’t ever used, it seemed sensible to replace while l had the head out but if l knew it would take one whole day to remove, l don’t think l would have started! So it was the end of the second week before the job was completed and l could refit the head.

Black water tank fitted at last

Then came the turn of a replacement water tank. Our 50lt pillow water tank had proved to be on the small side for our off the grid cruising, only enough water for 5 days. We had been carrying 25lts in a can stowed in the wet locker giving us enough for 7 days. I had managed to buy a second hand bigger bespoke solid water tank which had come out of a Sadler 29 which had crossed the Atlantic. The first job was getting it into the fore cabin!

Replacement water tank

I had to remove the steps to get though the companion way hatch and then remove the doors to get into the fore cabin, once in place it didn’t look so big anymore! The plumbing in proved to be much easier, the only real problem came getting the new filler pipe run in, but done in the end.

Water tank in place

At the beginning of November l got onto the stainless manufacturing company having back earlier in the summer agree a price. Sandy the boss came over to St Anthony to measure up and told me the earliest would be Christmas for delivery. Christmas holidays came and went, l finally fitted the new frame this week gone. The solar panels had also arrived the weekend before, l am now in the process of making aluminium frames for the solar panels to connect onto the stainless frame.

New stainless steel solar frame

Work is on going, will post more info later.


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