Safe for a few days due to east wind.

Elektra had been in the water since the end of March but we had only used her seasonal mooring for 4 days due to easterly winds. We had been away for a few days but needed to get back in order to get her onto her gale proof mooring before the next blow. The easterlyContinue reading “Safe for a few days due to east wind.”

A few days of boat jobs and making list of things forgotten.

On Saturday and Sunday having found a quiet anchorage there were a few jobs which needed doing just to get Elektra ready for the cruising season. We do this every year, a few days away close to home to check things are working as they should and also find out what has been forgotten!…… OnContinue reading “A few days of boat jobs and making list of things forgotten.”

A chance of a few days aboard

Friday 16th April Work was slow because of the cold and dry. I suggested a few days away on Elektra to Vicki and she was willing. Plans were made and it looked like we would need to move Elektra out of Carne creek early Friday morning so l suggested staying aboard Thursday night. The planContinue reading “A chance of a few days aboard”