A chance of a few days aboard

Friday 16th April Work was slow because of the cold and dry. I suggested a few days away on Elektra to Vicki and she was willing. Plans were made and it looked like we would need to move Elektra out of Carne creek early Friday morning so l suggested staying aboard Thursday night. The planContinue reading “A chance of a few days aboard”

Winter work begins in December

One of the jobs was to service the heads out Blake’s stop valve, was stuck solid in open position for 18 months. I needed to remove the heads just to get at the valve. The value proved to be very stubborn to shift, many days of spraying WD40 and tapping inside with a hammer andContinue reading “Winter work begins in December”

Summing up for the 2020 Season

The 2019-20 winter was stormy and wet so no winter work was done until Elektra came out of the water at the end of February to have her 36 year old Buhk DV20 diesel engine replaced with a modern Yanmar 3YM20. While she was out I washed, polished and anti-fouled her. Also fitted her newContinue reading “Summing up for the 2020 Season”