Monday 13th, fuel problems.

In the morning the harbour master soon came over because we were anchored in the moorings! We explained about the engine, they said we will do the rounds and come back and tow us onto the town pontoon. We placed our fenders down the port side and got our lines ready, after about 20mins they came back rafted to our starboard aft and motored us over to the pontoon.

There Vicki went ashore for shopping and Bryan and myself stripped down the fuel filter which looked clean. The fuel tank had pipe level like a home oil tank but it was impossible to read but with the aid of a light we found very little (about 3″) fuel in the tank. I knew the ex owner had had the tank filled. We used the lift pump to refill the fuel filter and the engine starter. The HM came back after a while, we asked about fuel, he said the fuel barge had just come back after a winter refit and was empty. They said we will see if we can sell you some fuel from our yard, after lunch they came back with 20lts bought from the local garage.

Bryan contacted the CG saying we had stopped off in Salcombe and were planning to leave for Helford on Tuesday.

We decided to stay the night and leave at first light on Tuesday, I went up to pay the mooring fees, I was quite expecting it to be £20 with our bigger S29 but was happy to pay the £13.60 asked for. We had a nice supper made by Vicki and went early to bed.

On the town pontoon in Salcombe after a 16.25hr passage from Poole

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