Photos from 2018

January, Getting on with the joinery work February, New 220ha battery bank March, Anti-fouling in the mud, never again! April, Elektra goes back on her mooring early, she was a bit lonely being the only yacht there May, Summer has arrived and with it very light winds! June, Porth Conger, St Agnes, IOS, having had aContinue reading “Photos from 2018”

End of 2018 season summing-up

At the beginning of the season we had a 80W solar panel, controller and meter fitted by a pro, this has worked much better than we expected, never once being short of power. We kept the old batteries making one bank of 210ah and added another bank of 220ah, these two banks were then used alternative days with the solarContinue reading “End of 2018 season summing-up”

Unloading and Laying up for the winter

First thing was to lay the winter moorings, its a sticky job getting down in the mud but with know how it can be done without getting stuck. I use wadders for this and walk down the stream which is has a stoney bottom. I set two 15kg Bruce stern anchors  in the deep mud with 20mContinue reading “Unloading and Laying up for the winter”

A few days at anchor due no wind

[wpvideo S9WTmWYN After a very nice weekend at anchor, we had a lovely fast sail home, this video is going south in the Carrick Roads into a 2kt north spring tide, we only sailed on our genoa. Saturday 20th October Today was the main “Sadler & Starlight Owners Association” AGM and 40th anniversary party inContinue reading “A few days at anchor due no wind”

Channels Creek to Gillan Harbour

Wednesday 3rd October We needed to be home by Thursday evening but the forecast was giving strong southwest wing on Thursday so we thought it wise to go back on Wednesday but with a forecast of westerly force 3 or less, it wasn’t looking good for a great sail home. When we left Channels CreekContinue reading “Channels Creek to Gillan Harbour”

Falmouth Y H to Channels Creek

Tuesday 2nd October After a day with gas engineer sealing leak on cooker and gas safety record. Two other companies came to quote for a new cockpit enclose. At 1630hrs we cast off and headed for a quite anchorage, having a great sail north up the sheltered waters of the Carrick Roads with slightly too much sail,Continue reading “Falmouth Y H to Channels Creek”

Precuil River to Falmouth Yacht Haven

Monday 1st October Having had a good sail on Saturday we went into holiday mode on Sunday, spending the whole day at anchor reading and relaxing. This changed our plans for the week and on Monday I arranged with marine trades for some work to be done and some work to be priced on Tuesday.Continue reading “Precuil River to Falmouth Yacht Haven”