Unloading and Laying up for the winter


First thing was to lay the winter moorings, its a sticky job getting down in the mud but with know how it can be done without getting stuck. I use wadders for this and walk down the stream which is has a stoney bottom. I set two 15kg Bruce stern anchors  in the deep mud with 20m of 8mm chain on each, pulling each chain back up though the mud towards the shore, then we are set up for bringing Elektra up Carne creek for the winter.


Then it was time to start unloading Elektra into my pick-up. Once done back home and unload truck, then lunch. Then back to St Anthony again to pick up punt and launching trolly, once that was done it was time to go back to Elektra and get her ready for moving up the creek.


Here up Carne Creek Elektra will be safe from the winter gales, only floating high water on spring tides over 5 meters, most of the time she will be aground. 

The spring tide for taking her up the creek came at the same time as very high pressure, so we couldn’t get her close to the bank.

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