Channels Creek to Gillan Harbour

Wednesday 3rd October

We needed to be home by Thursday evening but the forecast was giving strong southwest wing on Thursday so we thought it wise to go back on Wednesday but with a forecast of westerly force 3 or less, it wasn’t looking good for a great sail home.


When we left Channels Creek there wasn’t any wind and we had to motor, only when we got south to Mylor did the wind fill in a bit but we were only sailing very slowly south to Pendennis Point where the wind died away and we had to start motoring again.

On arriving at Gillan we motored in very slowly (less than 1/2 a meter of depth under the keel) into Flushing Cove and dropped anchor for the night


In the morning on the high water we motored Elektra into Carne Creek because of the forecasted north-easterly which was set for Saturday.

After Saturdays wind had blown out we moved “Elektra” back to her mooring on Sunday’s high water ready for the next time we can go sailing.

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