Gillan to Channels Creek

Friday 19th October

With a chance of one last weekend aboard before Elektra is laid-up for the winter but the forecast was showing little or no wind again! It had been blowing strong east and north easterly in the last few days.


We loaded the punt and headed out to Elektra bobbing up and down in the remains of the easterly swell, loading up the stores and making ready to leave, only the grill pan on the floor of the galley was the only thing out of place after the blow. Unzipping the sail-pack, starting the engine, all was going well until I pulled up the mainsail, all the flies in the area had decided to hide in our mainsail, black with flies!

At 1400hrs we dropped the mooring and headed out to get rid of the flies, after motoring out of the creek we tried to sail for 1/2 an hour but we were only making 1.3-1.5kts so I started the engine again. we motored across Falmouth Bay and north up Carrick Roads to Channels Creek having logged 9nm in 2hrs. Here we dropped anchor as close in as possible.


We had only been there for 20mins and up the Carrick Roads came a floating crane with 2 tugs, not something you see every day I got some photos and some videos.


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