Sunday 18th June

After a lazy start to the day we headed out of the Yealm River at HW, not bothering with the transit around the bar we just sailed over it instead with 2m under the keel. we set the sails and were sailing at over 5kts out of the bay, as we turned around the Mew Stone and headed for Fowey the sailing speed slowed but it was still quite good.

All was good until we reached Rame Head when the wind died and we had to motor, I got the tiller pilot out and set it working, it had the helm from there until we reached Fowey. 25.5nm

We had decided to fill up with diesel and water in Fowey, there is a 24hr card payment diesel self service supply so we went there first and filled the tank. Then we went back to the town pontoon and filled the water tank. After that we decided to get a take-away from one of the pubs, getting a beer while we waited. After eating in the cockpit we cast off and went and found a visitors mooring.

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