Sunday 16th July

After our Scilly holiday I had to work every day to catch up but now having done so we were away on Elektra for some R&R and a little sailing.

We dropped the mooring in Gillan at 1235hrs and sailed slowly NE goose winged making about 2.5kts, the plan was to head for the Precuil River, we were not going in the right direction but who cares when you  can sail, after about an hour the wind changed to the west and we could sail north to St Mawes.

Increasing gently we were soon romping along at a very nice 5-6kts, it was just great to be sailing again even for a short while. We sailed into the moorings before Vicki turned her into wind and I rolled away the genoa, barring away again we sailed up thought the mooring until the wind died away and we had to motor. we dropped the anchor at 1445hrs having logged 6.5nm and over 600nm for the season so far.

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