Saturday 14th October

This was going to be another solo sail but my friend “James H” who I know though my Hurley days, we both owned a H22, James had long since moved up to a bigger 34ft yacht. James had a friend who was looking at a Sadler 29 in the Helford river and he asked me if it was ok to pass on my contact details so he could talk to me about them. Yes I said that’s ok and if he wants to sail one before he buys, I was going out on Saturday.

That’s how met up with Gareth and Mary on St Anthony beach and took them out for a sail, as it turned out there wasn’t much wind but Sadler yachts don’t need much to sail and we set out into Falmouth Bay at 2-3kts in a southerly 2-3.

After 1.5hrs we were back on the mooring having logged only 5nm, but it was to meet and talk to them over packed lunch and a cup of tea.


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