Friday 20th April

WP_20180412_17_04_36_ProThe weather men were forecasting hot weather and Vicki and I were keen to get out and enjoy it. Elektra had been anchored up in Carne Creek all the week due to a forecast from last week of east wind on Wednesday this ended up being a south-easterly and Elektra could have stayed on her mooring. We went down to her on Thursday night HW to put Elektra back on her mooring for a easier get away on Friday.

At 1300hrs on Friday we cast off for a beat to the Fal River, the forecasters had given a N3-4 but with the white horses out in Falmouth Bay I had reefed the main and the genoa and we shot off at over 6kts SOG knowing full well it was more like N4-5 but the wind did ease a bit as we closed on the entrance to the Carrick Roads. In the end I unrolled all the genoa making for an exciting sail up the Roads on Elektra’s ear, lots of tacking. In the end Vicki was beginning to get tired of all this tacking and asked could we motor, we had to go up the channel because it was LW, so I suggested sailing across to St Just in Roseland and motor from there. That we did and as we motored up the channel I packed the sails away.


We decided to motor north of the King Harry Ferry and anchor on the next bend in the Fal River, this is a lovely spot and well sheltered, to our delight there are no ships to spoil the view this year, I hadn’t seen it so empty before! We dropped anchor between another sailing yacht and a motor boat in an area just like a mill pond, both the other boats left before nightfall so we had the place to ourselves. We had logged 16nm in 3hrs with the max speed on the GPS saying 7.1kts.WP_20180420_17_43_25_Pro

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