Saturday 28th April

This weekend we were going to stay home and do some jobs but it looked like we would have to move “Elektra” to the shelter of Carne Creek due to the forecast of northeast wind on Sunday, so I suggested having another weekend away instead.


I had some work which needed doing on Saturday first so it was after 1400hrs before the tide was high enough for us to get out and aboard. The forecast was for a northerly 1-3 but with the white horses out in the bay, it seemed there was a bit more. I raised the main before dropping the mooring and heading out under engine power at 1510hrs, once clear of Gillan we set sail and Elektra was soon logging 5-6kts and we were able to almost make in to St Mawes on the first tack. Then for some reason we did not seem to be making much headway north up the Carrick Roads and after 4 more tacks we had only just got north of St Just in Roseland. At this point we started the engine and motor north into Channels Creek, dropping anchor at 1730 having logged 10nm.


The next day I had jobs aboard which needed doing, so one by one I worked though them. In the afternoon we sat in the cockpit sheltered from the wind trying to enjoy the sunshine, still cold on the water, there we were wrapped up in our fleeces trying to stay warm until the sun came out from behind the next cloud! This was still early in the season, there had been two other boats in the anchorage on Saturday night but we had the place to ourselves by lunch time on Sunday.



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