Sunday 10th June

In the morning looking over the stern I could see the bottom an hour before low water, the aft had swung around towards the shore, I thought it cant be very deep. Checking with Vicki who was still in bed, I said I thought I could get down in the water and clear the prop but wanted a standby helper, Vicki was ok with it and got out while I dug the keg anchor out of the cockpit locker. Our keg is a folding claw and a bit on the heavy side for lobbing very far! But it did the job and over the stern I went in shorts and a T-shirt, testing the depth with a boat hook I could see it would be at about my waist.

The water was a bit on the cold side (I always say if you see me in the sea in the UK, I have fallen in!) But needs must, getting down and reaching in to the prop I was pulling handfuls of chopped up line from around the prop and rope cutter, when I was happy I had removed all the line I climbed the ladder back aboard and almost straight away started feeling hot, I dried and changed, picked up the keg and pulled “Elektra back out into deeper water using her bow anchor.


As we had to move Elektra anyway before the next low water we decided to motor across the Fal River to Channels Creek before dropping anchor again. the rest of the day I spent sleeping and dozing in the sun, lovely R&R at last!

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