Gillan, Mylor, Porthscatho,Gillan

Tuesday 17th July

On Tuesday I had arranged with the riggers at Mylor for them to refit the masthead light which came off during our passage back from The Isles of Scilly in June.

My sailing friend Roger had agreed to help me take Elektra in Mylor for the riggers to do the job, I had agreed with Roger to meet at St Anthony at 0800hrs for Elektra to get to Mylor by 1000hrs. As it happened there was little or no wind and we had to motor, I phoned the riggers as we arrived, they told us to moor on the eastern pontoon. Elektra was taken in rafted by the riggers launch to the pontoon under the crane.


The riggers used the crane to get to the masthead, they told me it was an old cable and one of the core wires was broken somewhere but they were able to get both the anchor light and the tricolour working again by using other cores and after replacing the anchor lamp. After the job was done the riggers took Elektra back out to the fairway and cast off, I thought it was a very good service.


Once out we were to late to get back on our mooring before the tide would be to low to get ashore so we decided to sail to Porthscatho, the wind had picked up from the southwest and a reef in the main was needed to stop her rounding up as we sailed down to the Carrick Roads to St Anthony Light. From there I let the reef out and we goose winged towards the Dodman Pt until we could reach into Porthscatho.

We stopped there for an hour, had coffee and a snack before heading for home, it would be a beat to windward, we sailed south for 3nm before tacking to the west, we were hard on the wind but we didn’t need to tack again, we had logged 23nm today. Back on the mooring in Gillan the tide was still out but with jobs to do and another cup of coffee saw us going ashore at 1800hrs.


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