Gillan to Gorran Haven

Friday 3rd August

With the chance of another holiday aboard, I had contacted Kevin with our plans to join in with 40th SSOA rally in Plymouth on the 8th of August.

Having filled the fresh water tank and the diesel tank on Thursday evening. Our punt was still full of stores for our weeks holiday aboard, we had decided to take our bigger punt and tow it behind, something we never normally do, having done once with our last yacht and it filled up with water and caused lots of drag. Dropping the mooring at 1300hrs we would be against the tide but it looked like we would have to motor due to lack of wind anyway. But out across the Falmouth Bay in southeast 2-3 the sailing was ok for a while before the engine went on due to GPS arrival time! The wind was due to go northwest and when it did it was still light until we got to the Dodman Point when the wind picked up to a northwest 4 and we had a great sail into Gorran Haven. As we entered  the cove I started the engine and we motored in dropping anchor at 1700hrs having logged 16nm.


Putting the engine on the punt we headed in for Fish&Chips, the best on the coast we have found in Cornwall.

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