Yealm River to Cawsands

Monday 6th August

On Monday after showers we cast off from the pontoon and motored out of the Yealm River over the bar and out to the Mew Stone where we set all the sail for Cawsands.


We thought Molly would like sailing as she had done a year ago but she didn’t and soon got bored and went back into the cabin to play games. We sailed slowly across Plymouth Sound to Cawsands arriving there 2.25hrs later having logged 7nm. In the afternoon Molly managed to get Vicki and myself in for a swim! I always say “if you see me in the sea around the UK I have fallen in” but this time I hadn’t. Vicki found the cold got to her quickly and had to get out but I did a few laps around “Elektra” before getting out and jumping off the side again and again!

In the evening we motored the punt into the beach for fish&chips, not as good as Gorran Haven but filled a gap. We had ice creams before returning to Elektra for the night. Molly then had a sleepless night and Vicki had to comfort her.

We stayed in Cawsands at anchor for two nights, next day we took Molly ashore to play on the beach and in the sea but I didn’t go in again. After another ice cream we went back aboard Elektra and Vicki went for a sleep. So I took Molly out for more rowing, she had really picked it up quickly and this time rowed us over to a Sadler 34 “Calisto” also anchored off the beach. It was my turn as Molly put it to row us back to Elektra.



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