Turnaware to Gillan

Sunday 2nd September


After a foggy/drizzle day on Saturday the sun came out for Sunday, the forecasters were giving SSE4-nil which didn’t look very good for sailing back to Gillan, low water was at 1628hrs so would be out if we rushed back on the engine.


We picked up the anchor at 1250hrs, pulled up the main and motored around Turnaware buoy and a little way down the channel before setting all the sail, we had quite a good line south past Mylor logging 2.5kts, all was good until south of the point where the wind died. Having tried to tack out to where others were sailing, we decided the engine was needed and motored back into some wind before stopping the engine again. Sailing again and logging 3-4kts we sailed over towards Pendennis Point but not on a line in which we would be able to sail pass without tacking again. This line took us into shallow water which was good as the bunkering tanker was coming into Falmouth and signalled to say he was turning to port after Governor Buoy, we were lucky enough to be over the shallows inside the buoy at the time so well out of the way.

After the tanker passed we tacked back out into deeper water and tacked again to pass Pendennis Point and out into Falmouth Bay at 1425hrs having logged just 5nm. Once in the bay we could let the sails out a bit and could sail the 4nm across the bay without tacking again. We finally gave up sailing as the wind died off August Rock Buoy at 1530, we motored into Gillan and picked up the mooring at 1545hrs having logged 9nm.


Not the fastest sailing but that’s how the sailing has been this summer, hot sunny days are nearly always windless.

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