On the 22nd of March it was time to do the anti-fouling, I wanted to get down there early to allow the paint to dry before the water came back on the following high water, it was a good job I did as the hull needed rinsing off before I could start.


Not a nice job by any account but being on a sandy/stone beach I found it a lot better than anti-fouling in the muddy creek as I had done in 2018. I had also got better organised this year with boards for mixing the paint and smaller boards for painting the keels close to the ground. It was nice at the end to think ” I don’t have to do that again for another year!”

After that it was time to load some cruising gear aboard Elektra, once that was done Vicki and I stopped for some lunch. During the day I asked the boatyard to use one of their mooring to pull her off in the evening so I could pick up her stern anchor which we laid two days ago. While I was at it I also picked up the other winter anchor in the creek and took them home.


Work done all we could do then was wait for the water to float her again, I linked up a stern line to the mooring and cast off the bow line and coiled up. The high water was at 1830hrs but we floated off 1/2hr before. We motored Elektra back into the safety of Carne Creek and dropped anchor but not as far up as the winter mooring to allow us to go sailing in early April.

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