Refitting the sails and dodgers

Two days after anti-fouling, at 1000hrs I left St Anthony in the dinghy, soon after arriving at Elektra the tide was gone and I spent the day marooned aboard in the middle of a muddy creek getting her ready to go sailing again. The first job was to bend on her sails again, its a slow job to do on your own and means lots of running forward and back when the sails jam but by lunch time I had done both the main and the genoa.


Then I sat in the sunshine eating lunch with a can of coke, with almost no wind it felt like summer.


After lunch I refitted her dodgers and kept myself busy with other jobs for the coming season. It was not until 1700hrs before the tide came back and I could leave and head for St Anthony in the dinghy, the engine only just had enough speed to push the tide though the narrows.


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