Pattern new spray hood

Back at the end of last season, we had two local companies quote for a new cockpit encloser and spray hood, one was a one man band and the other a big company. Both had been recommend but one was more than half of the other quote of the other, so we ordered from the cheaper of the two (one man band). Neal is very busy all the time and he contacted me to say he was now ready to pattern and make the spay hood, so at the high water on Wednesday 27th March Neal came over to do.

I might have had the work done quicker from the other company but at twice the price it was well worth waiting for Neal.

Neal explained he would make the spray hood first and fit then pattern the encloser to make a good fit.

Back in the winter I had dropped Elektra’s genoa to him for a new sacrificial strip, this sail was ready when I went to pick up on the Saturday before.

The last weekend in March would have been nice for a sail but Elektra was neaped between Thursday 28th March and Monday 1st of April (I knew she would be), so sailing wasn’t to be!

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