Easter Sunday

I wanted to go for a walk so after coffee but before food I climbed into the dinghy and rowed ashore leaving the petrol gen running to charge the phone and the batteries.


I walk though the woods and fields to Place and back was lovely, blue bells lined the path most of the way and the river was still like a mill pond.


Rowing back to Elektra after my walk I could here the gen was about to run out of fuel so once aboard I stopped it. Vicki was ready with cocked bacon eggs and beans on my return.


After washing up Vicki and I spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine and reading until it was time to head for home.

At 1555hrs I pulled up Elektra’s anchor and washed the decks, pulled up the main while Vicki motored us out of the river towards the sea. Out in the entrance to St Mawes it seemed we could sail so sails set and engine stopped we were making 3kts SOG but it was short lived as the wind died away towards Black Rock. With no wind the only thing we could do was start the engine again! At 1730hrs we motored into Gillan Harbour and picked up our mooring for the 1st time this season having logged just 13nm for the weekend. On the plus side the engine and the engine charging was working ok now.


After only one night on her mooring in the evening Monday I moved Elektra back up Carne Creek because more east wind was forecasted for Tuesday.


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