Polgwyn Cove to Polkerris

Saturday 4th May

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This video doesn’t exist


After a lovely sheltered night at anchor and a lazy breakfast, the wind had swung into the east and small white horses had started to roll into the cove, the cove had started to get lumpy. Now nearing low water I checked the sounder which said we only had 1m under the keel, I decided it was time to move.

We picked up the anchor at 1130hrs and motored out of the cove past Black Head towards Polkerris. we knew there were mussel buoys in the centre of St Austell Bay but we didn’t know what area they covered. The wind turned out to be from the southeast, no wonder Polgwyn Cove had got lumpy.

Arriving at 1215hrs having logged 4nm and anchoring of Polkerris a RIB zoomed out of the cove and said there was going to be a paddleboard race starting and could we move 20m to the north, so we did as asked.


We went ashore in the dinghy before the race started. Polkerris was one of those places we always had planned to visit but this was our first out of 14 seasons of cruising. What a lovely place with a nice inn serving food and also a Sams fish house, we looked at the menus, not being very fishy we booked a table at the Inn for an evening meal and sat back and enjoyed a lunch time pint.

Back aboard Elektra I fell asleep in the cockpit, it being quite hot in the sunshine out of the wind. The wind blew from the north about force 4, three more yachts had arrived when I woke up. one left again soon after. A bigger yacht possibly a fin keeler moved out to deeper water which off Polkerris was a long way out. We were still floating with about 0.5m under the keel at low water

After a lovely meal ashore we came back aboard and started the engine to start the cabin heater, still cool in the evenings, once the heater was running hot the engine was stopped and we opened a bottle of red and played Scrabble.



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