Polkerris to Gillan

Sunday 5th May


With a forecast of variable 1-3 the passage back to Gillan wasn’t looking that good. The plan was to leave at 1100hrs and we would have been on time if only we could have broken the anchor out easier, it turned out to be very good holding, a sort of clay/sand. After motoring over the anchor twice it broke free and came up full of bottom which then took a bit more dunking to clean. We got away at 1115hrs and motored south to try to get a good line to the Dodman Point in the wind which was from the south to start with.


When we started sailing in looked like we had a good line to the Dodman north of the Yawl Rock but unknowing to us at the time there was another area of mussel buoys on that line off Mevagissey, on reaching them we tacked to the southeast until we could tack again towards the Dodman on a line south of the Yewl Rock, we were logging 3-4kts but it seemed to take an age to get to the Dodman Point. We were met by a large sailing race (30-40 yachts all sizes) coming from west heading to Fowey. I was thinking the wind would be better west of the Dodman but this wasn’t the case as the wind moved around to the south-southwest, later into the southwest and was very light. It had turned very cold (colder than I had been since Elektra’s delivery passage in March 17) and I had full waterproofs to try to stay warm, Vicki had gone below to warm up by the engine box.

After a while I decided to motor-sail and when we reached the Roseland we rolled the genoa and motored, we got into Gillan at 1630hrs having logged 28nm.


We stopped aboard for a snack and coffee before heading for home and wood-burner about at 1800hrs

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