Gillan to Channels Creek on the Fal River

Friday 17th May

After a morning of changing the battery wiring (I had bought new batteries from ebay, like a fool wrong polls) because the wire were to short. And then putting the yacht back together and re-stowing the gear it was 1200hrs when I got home.


Vicki put some lunch on and I started on repairing our hard RIB/tender (this dinghy was ok for a weekend but would lose all the air out of the front tube over a week) which I had bought at the end of 2017. It was mainly very good but the front tube went down slowly, I had it repaired via a pro in 2018 but that hadn’t worked either. Working as a ground maintenance contractor, for many years I had used a tyre internal repair liquid for mower tyres which always worked well. I decided to try this in the RIB tube. The easy bit was getting in the tube but getting it all around the inside of the tube took a little bit longer, rolling side ways was ok but end over end took a little more thinking about. When Vicki called me for lunch I just left the RIB upside down.

After lunch it was the turn of the outboard which wasn’t running smoothly, it turned out to be ok after replacing the spark plug. Then I took the RIB and outboard back to St Anthony before returning home for Vicki and stores for a weekend away.


It was 1545hrs before we had stowed the gear and dropped the mooring, motoring out of Gillan I set a reefed main and all the genoa, it was a great sail in the northerly 4 gusting 5 but our heading wasn’t that good and the sea was fairly lumpy so we tacked back towards Swanpool for a smoother sea. It was nice to be sailing again and the ploy had worked the sea was smoother and our SOG had increased, we tacked again just south of Swanpool which gave us a nice line into the Carrick Roads. The problem was as we neared just south of Black Rock a Tug towing a barge with pilot boat started to leave out of the Carrick Roads and it looked like we were heading for the same bit of water, so we tacked again to Pendennis Point, after tacking across to St Mawes the wind started to ease so I shook out the reef. We were making slow progress up the Carrick Roads and on passing one of the nav buoys we could see only half an hour after high water there was already quite a strong ebb tide running. A few more tacks and we got to St Just at which point we decided to motor, so switched on the fridge and a mile later turned on the cabin heater. We got into Channels Creek at 1830hrs having logged 13nm. Having done my on deck jobs we retired to the cabin for the evening.


Update on RIB dinghy repair, now three week since the repair liquid was added to the tube, no escape of air since.

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