Never say never

Saturday 18th May

We like to anchor as much as possible, apart from most of the time we are anchoring for free, we also like finding new out of way places. Over the years we have spent over 250 nights on our anchor, our last yacht had a Danforth which seemed to hold very well most of the time. One time we had to move just before a gale because another yacht was to close, the wind already blowing force 7, we found a space and dropped again, our anchor dug in, in its own length and held though the gale.


But one night we dragged it into deeper water, it was the change of motion which awoke me and I got out to have a look, sticking my head out the companion way hatch I could see we were moving so quickly got dressed and started the engine before pulling our anchor back aboard. With Vicki on the helm we relayed the anchor, I watched for a while to check we were holding before going back to bed.


Elektra came with a CQR anchor and replacing it was one of my first jobs as we have seen other yachts drag them loads of times. This time we bought a Bruce claw anchor because I had seem them dig themselves in right down to the shank. This anchor had also held Elektra the 80 nights without any problems since we bought her in 2016. I normally have taken some transits to make sure we are not dragging.

We had dropped anchor on Friday evening just after high water and she had been fine though the night, still good though the day but on the evening high water Elektra dragged into deep water, I was sitting in the cockpit reading when I noticed I could see the first visitor pontoon which had been out of sight, looking around at my transits I said to Vicki “we are dragging” “are you sure?” “Yes!” After turning on the depth, chart plotter and starting the engine, I went up onto the bow but couldn’t pull chain aboard by hand so came back to the cockpit for the winch handle for the windless. The windless lifted the chain well and once the anchor was out of the water. there in the claw of the anchor was a huge rock. it was all I could do to tip the anchor to let the rock drop out.


It was easy to see now, the anchor had hooked the rock which didn’t let the anchor dig in so at high water and the offshore breeze the anchor must have slid along the bottom and into deep water. We like our Bruce anchor but never say never when it comes to talking which anchor type is best.

We anchored again for another night with out any problems.

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